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Living near the water...

With a childhood on the coast of New Smyrna Beach and just a few steps to the ocean and river Tupat was bred for the outdoors. After high school it was a one way ticket to the Hawaiian islands where he would shoot surf footage and photograph the professional surfers, not to mention catch a few waves as well. Trey and Tupat had been childhood friends since first grade and grew up fishing and surfing. Trey was like a big brother to Tupat being that his younger brother Chris was Tupat's best friend. Years later Trey and Tupat would connect to make what is now "Tupat's Hawaiian" an inspired line of Poke Sauce and special flavored seasonings. Tupat's mother Pam and his father Steve always made dishes from around the world for dinner inspired from Pam's travels as a flight attendant. Tupat always says "It's so rewarding to see so many people enjoy and utilize the flavors we created from the inspiration of my years in Hawaii". 

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Food Service Distribution from Sysco - US Foods - Cheney Brothers - Gordon Food Service

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