Twisted Tuna Chef Wins FRLA Rapid Fire Cooking Competition

When Chef Tavoris entered The Twisted Tuna Poke Appetizer in the 2016 Rapid Fire Challenge he knew he had a winner. The dish was conceived with the help of Twisted Tuna's Food and Beverage Director Rick Julylia and included a secret weapon, Tupat's Hawaiian Poke Sauce! 

Chef's Quick Tip: Tuna poke

Jonathan Rohland, the culinary director of bartaco, shares how to make one of their best sellers: tuna poke

Tupat’s Hawaiian: A Success Story

Tupat's Hawaiian authentic sauces and seasonings are the results of living out his formula for success. The flavors will leave your mouth watering for more but according to Tupat, it's more than that -- it's a lifestyle you will hear more about as Tupat's and Salmon Brokers combine their creativity and efforts to create more wonderful flavors.

Patrick “Tupat” Eichstaedt: The Most Interesting Man in Surfing

You’ve probably seen Tupat’s work for years. He was one of the original cogs in the …lost crew, documenting plenty of crazy antics. From growing up with a flight attendant mother to his own adventures in the surf world, Tupat has seen it all. Now he’s drawing on those experiences, mixing them up, and bottling them in Tupat’s Hawaiian Poke Sauce.


On July 9, 2014 the first Tupat’s Hawaiian Poke Sauce bottle came off the line in Winter Springs Florida. Our growth currently is expanding and all of our customers are so involved with their creations. It’s truly a unique sauce that can bring people together and enjoy a fun filled lifestyle.

Tupat & family featured at The Bay Hill Invitational 2017 on NBC

Patrick and Josie Eichstaedt share their heart-warming story of their daughter Adelynn spending 110 days in the neonatal intensive care unit of the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies.

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