About Us

Trey and Tupat’s friendship goes all the way back to Elementary school. Growing up on the island of New Smyrna Beach, FL they had an abundance of fun and exciting opportunities through the ocean and local sports groups to excel as young kids. After high school Trey went on to play football for the Tennessee Volunteers and Tupat started traveling the globe in search of good waves and opportunities thru his video camera. Even though they took separate paths they always managed to keep in touch thru friends or close family.

In the beginning of 2013 Trey reached out to Tupat with a exercise idea, they threw the ideas around for a day or so and ended up reaching an agreement on a whole different plan of business.

Poke Sauce was the plan of choice and Trey being a savvy businessman grabbed the opportunity and was ready for liftoff.

After months of R&D and endless emails along with paperwork, Tupat’s Hawaiian Poke Sauce came to fruition. They are both family guys with a laid back approach to life and both enjoy the ocean lifestyle.

They want you to not only taste the flavors and enjoy the sauce and seasonings, but also taste the story of Tupat’s Hawaiian Poke Sauce.

Food Service Distribution from Sysco - US Foods - Cheney Brothers - Gordon Food Service

Always Available on Island Time - email us 24/7 at tupatspoke@tupats.com or call us Sunday thru Monday 9am EST - 7pm EST